This is an archive of an 18-month study and review of the PPS Special Ed Department, which is now in an action planning phase (see PPS Inclusion TaskForce).

Survey Results - The Special Ed Program review began in the spring/summer of 2009 with interviews and surveys.  A Design Team met in the fall of 2009 to review the raw data and develop the framework for a summary report.

Gallery Walk - On December 9-10, 2009, a Stakeholder group reviewed the summary report and particpated in a Gallery Walk to generate and prioritize lists of potential actions.  An online group space was set up to facilitate an analysis of the data.

Day 3 Reports - on Feb 19, 2010, groups of Stakeholders selected from eleven topics under four broad categories that had been developed through the analysis. Each group developed problem statements and worked through an action-planning protocol to distinguish viable areas/directions for improvement.

The Final Report - recommendations contained in this report outline a multi-year effort (click the image to download a copy of the final report).

PPS SpEd staff reviewed and aligned recommendations to establish a plan organized around three priority themes: Inclusion, Communication, & Collaboration.

In 2009, a broad-based group of stakeholders was convened by the PPS Special Education Department to assist in the developing recommendations for system improvement.

Follow the next phase of our work under the PPS Inclusion TaskForce.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Jackson, Interim Director of Special Education.