Membership in the Forum is open to all Nevada Administrators.  Through online conversations over the past few years, we have come to a set of norms/expectations for participation and tapping into your genius.

1. Take 10 minutes once a week, preferably at a scheduled time, to do a written reflection on a professional issue you are dealing with.

2. At least once/month share one thing you have learned and/or a question that you are exploring through your reflection/writing.

The purpose of this is to:

  • provide an intentional pause in your work
  • be an instrument for the development of being an even more reflective practitioner
  • examine further what the business of school is all about, the elements of successful schools and get in touch with any limiting beliefs and/or practices
  • make thoughts visible and concrete, giving a way to interact with, elaborate on, and expand ideas
  • be empowered for challenging the status quo
  • examine and clarify free responses that facilitate connections between ideas
  • practice ways of knowing and envision new ways of thinking and responding
  • give youself a safe place in which to try out and defend your ideas
  • be in your flow, more fully embrace your genius, and renew your spirit.

To join the Forum, send an email to Gary Obermeyer with name, organization, position, and phone number.