There are untold numbers of innovators and entreprenuers contributing to the transformation of education by focusing on one aspect or another of what we are coming to understand as the shift from mass production to mass customization.  SchoolChange.Net aims to create a synergy of these individual initiatives. 

This is a network of networks - providing secure, customized work space for each initiative; opportunities to network with like-minded groups; and access to the unique combination of skills & knowledge of the host, Gary Obermeyer.

SchoolChange.Net offers a combination of content management and communication tools that are easy to configure and easy to maintain, along with technical support and consultation to assure effective use. 

This is ideal for teams and task groups who desire:

  • online communication and knowledge-building capabilities
    not available within their own organization(s),
  • a "nuetral space" for communicating honestly & openly, 
  • to build teams/networks across organizational boundaries, and
  • an option for co-facilitation by an expert in school transformation.

Is SchoolChange.Net
a good fit for your network, task group,
or organization?

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