Rethinking the School Calendar

Most folks assume that the 9-month school calendar (with summer break) is a legacy of our agricultural past. Fact is, summer breaks in what we think of as the traditional school calendar were not a response to agricultural needs. 

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The Silver Bullets Are Killing Our Kids

How about that for a metaphor on the effects of the prevailing mode of education "reforms" (both well-intentioned and otherwise) on students? Most of them are taken into consideration by a professional essay writer online who provides help for students.

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The Silver Lining of NCLB

When No Child Left Behind was initially enacted, I posted an "open letter to the president" on an online educator forum. In it, I took the position that the goal of leaving no child behind was good (except for the fact that it misused a long-standing mission statement of the Children's Defense Fund); but, that the approach was all wrong.

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